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A Youth’s Journey Towards Employment

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Fireworks, Volunteering and the Calgary Stampede: A Youth’s Journey Towards Employment

“My name is Umer and I have been a part of Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary for 3 years. My favorite volunteering experience was GlobalFest because it was a fun experience and you can watch the fireworks for free. If you are a newcomer and you need a good resume Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary is the place to go to. They are very nice and treat you like their own kids. I am very happy that I am a part of this club.”

Umer is a 16 year old newcomer to Canada who began his employment journey with the BGCC Employment Team back in 2017. Umer was a shy, quiet youth who always had a smile on his face and was eager to gain work experience. One way that Umer began increasing his employability skills was through volunteering. As mentioned in his quote above Umer volunteered at GlobalFest with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and helped monitor children using a bouncy castle at the festival. Although the fireworks were the most memorable part for Umer, he also gained valuable skills such as communicating with others and working within a team.

Umer also participated in the Calgary Stampede Work Experience Program where he worked for 11 days in the hot sun, and loud noises of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Umer utilized the skills he gained through volunteering and working with the Employment Team to secure his position and become a successful employee on the grounds. Umer also learned new skills like cleaning, time management and maintaining a good attitude and working relationship with others. Umer learnt the roles and responsibilities of both the employee and employer. 

With each year the employment team saw Umer’s skills and confidence grow and he kept getting taller as well!  He was no longer the quiet, shy youth. Instead he was a confident young man who one day approached his supervisors to ask for a reference for a new summer position at Superstore.

Umer is now working at Superstore and is an example of the employment journey we hope many youth in Calgary can make when they work collaboratively towards their goals with the Youth Employment Team at Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.

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