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Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Recruiting

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By Leita Blasetti, City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre

COVID-19 has significantly changed the employee recruitment and onboarding landscape. In the past, interviewers did not have to think about making sure people were spaced apart, be conscious of not shaking hands, and having lots of hand sanitizer available.

Companies seem to have a good handle on what the safety guidelines for employees are, so I don’t need to review those. I do think it is important to let potential employees know what guidelines you have put in place.

Job seekers want to know they will be safe during the recruitment process and while at work. Young job seekers assume they can find everything online. If youth don’t see information about safety procedures, they are going to assume you are not doing anything to protect employee safety.


Make information about safety procedures you have adopted easy for potential employees to find.

  • Highlight COVID-19 safety procedures on your careers website
  • Integrate safety procedures you are taking into the job posting
  • Reiterate safety procedures on the online application

 “54% of consumers say they’re concerned about how employers are treating employees during COVID-19.” “48% of consumers indicate they trust brands more when they take care of their employees.” Qualtrics, How your brand can build and keep trust amid COVID -19.

Job Interviews

These days, interviews may be done in person or remotely. When you are confirming an in person interview:

  • Inform the candidate of guidelines they should follow for an in-person interview
  • Let the candidate know guidelines you have in place to protect them
  • Usual information, such as time, place, dress code, etc.

For remote interviews, clarify remote job interview expectations:

  • Dress code for interview
  • Acknowledge that interruptions may happen
  • Recognize that technical problems may occur
  • Spend a bit more time getting to know the candidate before the formal interview starts, ask questions about what they have been doing during quarantine, genuinely ask how they are


  •       Virtual welcome
    •  Video tours of business
    •   Introductions with key people via video message or online meeting
    •  Virtual first lunch, send welcome swag, introduce to workplace culture
  •  Onboarding virtually may more effort as in person, lots of check ins
  • Find out if the person can get to work safely and on time (changes to transit)
  • Empower employees to make safe decisions
    •  Be clear about safety policies and who to ask, or where to find the information if unsure
    •  Be supportive, not punitive while employees are adjusting to new procedures
  • Review “what if scenarios” with youth
    • What to do if a customer gets mad
    • What to do if you see a co-worker skip safety procedures
    • What to do if supplies run out
    •  What if a senior employee tells you there are no cleaning supplies
    • What to do if a customer is getting too close to employees or other customers
    • What to do if a customer is not following safety guidelines
  •  Anticipate mental health support
    • State what programs and supports you have at your business in your posting

Looking to learn more? Contact Leita at the City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre at

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